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Online gallery

It is an online gallery of Kobo Tomo whose contents change with the seasons.

You can actually purchase it as a mail order. It is also recommended for those who do not have an exhibition near you or who are far away. There are many other options available besides online, so we can arrange them according to your taste and budget.

* All product prices do not include tax. 10% sales tax will be added to the cart.

When ordering

1. You can choose the posture of the doll as "standing" or "sitting". (For example, if the photo is standing, you can change it to sitting)

2. Payment method is credit card or bank transfer.

3. Regarding the shipping fee, if you purchase over 30,000 yen in Japan, it will be free, and if it is less than 30,000 yen, it will be uniformly 1000 yen. For overseas shipping, it will be a flat rate of 15,000 yen.

4. Kobo Tomo does not handle doll cases directly, but if you need one, we can introduce you to a case that fits your doll. Please feel free to contact us.

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