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Customized original doll


Kimono with family's thoughts, sunny clothes worn when you were a child, many cracks that have been carefully inherited-Consultation about whether you can use these for dolls at exhibitions around the country I have been working on it for about 30 years.

We will change the kimono/cloths you have handmade into doll costumes and attach them to Kobo Tomo's dolls. By cutting, you can leave the original image of the kimono as it is, or you can recreate it in a completely different atmosphere depending on how the pattern is taken. You can also use a scarf for the lining of the dress.

Recently, I think that the things that are important to all generations are being reviewed. We will make a kimono with memories and a doll with memories of the kimono, so that you can put it on your side for a long time.

The kimono given to me by my mother, the kimono I wore when I was a daughter.
We will remake the memorable piece, dress it on the checkered doll of Kobo Tomo, and deliver it to you.
Why don't you make your own doll with one kimono that you are not completely attached to?



Cutting is like finding a new life


Cutting is the most important work process that determines the success or failure of costume making, and it is a scene where the knowledge, experience, and skills cultivated for dolls and kimonos are demonstrated.
Your attachment and memories in one kimono will never be spoiled.


Taking advantage of the goodness of traditional kimono with a sense that can withstand modern sensibilities,
Carefully and lovingly tailored

Kobo Tomo's costume tailoring uses unique measurements and designs to adorably reflect the appearance of the checkered doll and best enhance the value of the kimono.



I hope you will cherish it forever

Kobo Tomo's dolls are made from whitewash and sardines, with human hair for hair and artificial eye glass for eyes.
You can hold it in your hand, stand it up, or sit it down.


The image of a kimono that continues to exist with the eyes of an innocent doll

The costumes made by careful work are put on the dolls of Kobo Tomo.
This is the moment when a new life is breathed into your precious kimono.


price list

The prices and items to prepare are as follows.
Memories of your irreplaceable kimono
The joy of playing as a fresh doll costume-the joy of making your own doll
I hope you can taste it.
By using your own kimono,
I think it will be a little cheaper.

  • Customers only need to prepare the outer material of the kimono.

  • Lining / obi, bodice, half-collar, socks, etc. to be worn under the kimono will be prepared at the workshop. Of course, you can also make it with your own obi or the lining of your kimono.

  • We will return all the remaining cloth from your kimono.

  • Please leave the cutting and design such as pattern matching to our workshop. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests.

  • It will take about 3 months to complete.

  • Dolls of size, feel free to for face consultation please.

-Customer example Ichimatsu doll-

Example 1


A pair of male and female dolls from your family's tomesode and obi. Both 52 cm

The girl's kimono has a newly designed and incorporated obi embroidery on the plain black part of the tomesode. Boys have plenty of crane handles. It is also possible to put a crest on the back.

Example 2


I made a kimono of my mother's memory as two hugging dolls. Both are also available with a girder so that you can decorate them with just a 52 cm kimono.


Example 3


I changed the kimono I made from my mother's haori to my own doll (other than Kobo Tomo). 52 cm

Example 4


Repair and dress up the two dolls you purchased before. We had you bring each set of seven hundred fifty-three kimonos of your daughter. If you change your kimono along with repair → link (cleaning your face and changing your hair), you will be mistaken. Both 39 cm

Example 5


I made a hugging doll from my mother's memory kimono. It is also possible to make hair ornaments and accessories with self-fabric.


-Customer example Western doll-

Example 1


I made your kimono into a pretty dress. Hair ornaments are also self-fabric. Western doll small


Example 2


You brought in a ball dress that was worn only once. Western doll size


Example 3


You brought your mother's haute couture coat. The fine hand-embroidered part on the chest is around the hem. Western doll size


Example 4


I remade the silk dress for the piano recital into a size that can be worn on a doll. In Western doll

Puppet Club Tomo Information

Why don't you make your own doll kimono?

"Ningyo Club Tomo" wants you to freely talk about the charm of dolls while actually enjoying the fun of making dolls. We will carefully teach you how to put on your memorable kimono on the naked doll of Kobo Tomo.


Tuition fee: 50,000 yen (collective / divided)

Please purchase a naked doll before joining.

(From 120,000 yen (excluding tax))

* Only for making dolls or kimonos other than Tomo Kobo

I cannot take it.

-What to prepare-

Kimono outer material, lining, obi * We will prepare the doll's underwear, socks, and doll stand. If there is something missing, such as the outer material or obi, we will prepare it in the classroom and hand it over at the actual cost.

-Course content-

Cutting, sewing and dressing of doll kimono

-Place / Date-

Gallery Ningyo Tomo : 2nd Friday (11: 00-16: 00)


Classes are premised on completing 6 lessons.

If you are interested, we will send you detailed materials, so please feel free to request from here.


We hope that you will find the joy of making a kimono with your own hands while talking slowly in a calm space surrounded by dolls.

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